Search User Agent by part component pattern,user agent values

This tool for search user agent string. It have unique ability of search user agent string by pattern, or part/component of string and search by user agent values.
Why it's very useful and important tool? Because here you can find user-agent(s) by it's string part, for example you can find all user agents that contain email addresses with pattern "*@*", or you can search all user agents of some exotic browser - "*Opera 7.03*", and many-many others abilities.
Search user-agent string by pattern is limited with 100 results, you can always make your pattern more detailed for find less results.
The useragent string component can be something like 'msie7.0', thats why for search all user-agents that contain this string need to use pattern "*msie7.0*". See examples down.
Search going in our user agent list,user agent database.
Useragent list is sorted by name, so you can find user-agent string in order of pages ("z" is on pages with the biggest number, "Mozilla" in the middle of pages range). For find what is user agent,http user agent info and browser user agent information just click to it. It will show you user agent data and user agent browser,header, browser branch, name, full name and lots of others.
This tool is very simple, don't need to have special knowledge for use it, and it's powerfull because giving lots user agent detail information.
Good luck on our service, if you will have any problems with writing pattern, and will not find info in out examples feel free to write feedback request, we will add examples that need.

Search result is limited with 100 user-agents, pls use more detailed pattern for find requested result.
How to search: '*' any count of chars, '_' any one char, no other special symbols, search is case insensitive
Examples of searches:
"wget" - will search all only one user-agent - wget
"Mozilla/_.0" - will search port with descriptions like it ('Mozilla/2.0','Mozilla/4.0','Mozilla/5.0')
"Mozilla/5.0*SUSE" - will search port with descriptions like it ('Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;) SUSE','Mozilla/5.0 GaG SUSE')
"mozilla/5*msie*7.*" - will find some user agents of Internet Explorer 7.
"*Opera 7.03*" - will find some user agents of Opera 7.03.
new window:
Sorry, but nothing was found for pattern: "Mozilla/5.0*SUSE"